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The Beginning

Hello all! I am a brand new blogger, and an avid gamer. I decided to start this blog because of the game Eve Online. Before I began playing Eve, I loved reading the stories about it. they were all so full of intrigue, backstabbing, patient planning, and space battles the size of which boggled even my experienced gaming mind.

After reading about Eve for a long time, closely following each of its stories, researching its ships, looking at its ingame alliances, I decided to give the game a try. I had two very clear goals in my mind. Number one was to work my way up to a battleship known as the Hyperion. Im a fashion gamer. Besides good gear, aesthetics have always been an important part of my gaming experience, and the Hyperion-class battleship was, to me, one of the most aesthetically pleasing ships in the game.

Goal number two involved me choosing a side in the galactic conflict of Eve. After doing my research, I decided that Goonswarm Federation sounded like a worthy enemy. Easily one of, if not THE largest alliance in the game, Goonswarm sounded like the perfect Empire to my Rebel Alliance mindset. Ive always been a sucker for the fight of the few against the many, the weak against the strong, and Eve was the perfect place for me to live out that fantasy. Now, I had looked up Eve Online’s learning curve, and I can tell you now, as an Eve veteran, that that graph that comes up on google is EXTREMELY accurate. but Id grown up a gamer, and what is difficult openings for some tend to be minor annoyances for me, for the most part, and so I thought it would be with Eve. Gotta show the old salts of Eve they were wrong, right? I couldn’t have been more mistaken. As it turns out, I had no idea what truly waited for me upon my entrance into the Eve universe.

Pure frustration.

I logged in and created my character. this being my first time, I went with a pretty standard Gallente Federation male, naming him Jasek Steiyner. I gave him a militaristic upbringing, as per my view on my soon-to-be playstyle, and then was spawned unceremoniously inside a station. I had no clue where I was. no clue what to do. My only comfort was a small blue AI female that popped up on my screen, calling herself “Aura”. I guess she had some valuable viewpoints. Instead, I made the first of very many mistakes in my Eve career. (In hindsight, I realize Eve shares an unforgiving soul with the Dark Souls franchise) I “x”ed out of aura’s screen, thinking I could figure it out myself. Turns out, I wasn’t able to make heads or tails of anything, even bringing Aura back mounted a seemingly insurmountable challenge. What the hell was this game, where even finding the tutorial and bringing it back was such a challenge?

I did see one button, however, that I recognized for what it was. the big yellow button marked “Undock”. I figured to myself, “Hey, spacegame, that has to be the first step right?” Well, yes and no. When I later finally managed to consult aura (much later), turns out yes, undocking is the first step, because Aura then takes you into warp to a spot where you board a derelict “newbie” vessel. (This has since been updated, now you spawn in said vessel. This is an oldish tutorial.) But instead of warping off to meet my destiny, I learned yet another lesson in Eve: flying isn’t done by using W, A, S, and D. Well crap.

Now, at this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Hey Jasek, exactly what kind of research did you DO for this game?” Fair question. Guess I was too busy being pleased with the aesthetics and story of the game, and didn’t worry about digging much into the controls of the game. Even clicking in space wasn’t working at first, until I found out that double-clicking in space seemed to work to point my ship. Looking at my overview, I was able to make out ship HP (shields, armor, the hull of your ship), and ship speed, with a plus and minus on either end. Pretty self-explanatory, I thought.

So I pointed my ship towards a planet, hit the “+” symbol, and started cruising. Im pretty sure this is the point where you guys, if you’ve played Eve, are either chuckling to yourselves, burying your head in your hands out of shame, or maybe even a mixture of both. An hour later, still cruising along, and I finally decided “screw this”, got off of Eve, and went back to playing Battlefield 4. That was almost the end of my Eve career. Short and sweet, just another newbro lost in the sauce leaving eve, not known, or mourned. Eve’s galactic wars would go on without me.

The Second Try

Fast forward a few months, and I was stationed in Hawaii, where I met three people in my unit that played Eve. One of them, in-game name Vaanic Dale, encouraged me to get back up on the horse and give Eve another try, offering to school me on the basics. So I did, and he lived up to his promise. After a week of teaching me the basics, I was able to get to the games trade hub, Jita 4-4, on my own. A couple days later, he would point out that I should never, EVER autopilot anywhere in Eve, and that I was lucky to get to Jita the first time on autopilot. And so I can honestly say that I have never, ever set any of my toons on autopilot ever since. Im lucky that I didn’t have to learn it the hard way, like some others. for the first couple weeks, I ratted, accompanying Vaanic (who at the time was in CO2, but had come down to hisec to school me) on his lvl 4 missions to gain standings quickly. eventually, he left CO2 , and we went together into a corporation that called themselves the Illuminati. Though a rifter was my first real loss (for some reason I went to null. At the time im not sure I even knew what null was), id say my first heavy loss was a worm. using some of the money id gotten from ratting, I bought a worm hull and was moving it to illuminati’s base of operations, when I got ganked at a gate in hisec by a war target taranis. Good catch for him. haha.

Not too long after, the Illuminati was approached with an offer to join the Galactic Skyfleet Empire, granted we change our name. The GSE had a vision that I could wholly get behind, because it echoed one of my goals. They were planning to go to Null, and take sov from Goonswarm. Being the lowly dumb newbro that I was, I didn’t realize that this was a far-flung dream.

Well, the Illuminati renamed themselves to “The 501st Legion” and joined the GSE. We immediately went on campaign, only, not against goons. At this point, id put most of my sp towars ship hulls, getting Gallente Battlecruiser 3, and T1 fitted a Talos (admittedly, even T1, it was a crappy fit.). I moved with fleet to a titan, and from there was jumpbridged to a fight that GSE had going against Black Legion. Now GSE might have had naïve leadership, but its pilots weren’t something to laugh at. We held the field against Black Legion, and by the grace of BOB, my Talos survived, at which point we warped to a tower and that was RF’ed and killed it.


Please realize that Im recounting this now as an EVE veteran, but back then I had no clue at all as to what was happening. I just followed orders. Go here, shoot this. Welcome to EVE. Well, our fleet blew up the tower with no further trouble from Black Legion, then started burning back home. As we burned, a fleet followed us, looking to pick off the slowest and dumbest. Unfortunately, I fell into both categories. My Talos was caught, and killed.


So these was my first couple experiences with Eve. Since then Ive made many, many more mistakes. Ive learned much more. Ive been all over Eve with a handful of characters. Ive lived the hisec life, flown with lowsec pirates, campaigned with Gentlemans Club of N3, skirmished with Goons as part of Mordus Angels, and, more recently, Ive settled down in lowsec as part of Faction Warfare, lending my knowledge of Eve and my hard-learned piloting skills to the cause of the Gallente Federation as part of Moira corporation within GMVA. Its satisfying, the perfect mixture of small gang and solo combat with just enough large blob fights to keep me interested.

Eve is a game like no other. Ive left it at least 3 times, always to come back and pick up where I left off. This is my Eve. I hope you all enjoy my blog and my coming stories, as Ill be reporting on the crazy happenings within lowsec. I look forward to seeing my blog grow, and giving you guys good stories to follow.

o7 Jasek Steiner

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Jasek Steiner

Jasek Steiner has been all over Eve, seen all the sites, and has killed and been killed in many places. He has recently found a home in Faction Warfare, flying with GMVA fleets to wreak death and destruction upon the enemies of the Federation.

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