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I thought id do a piece on my thoughts of skill injectors, and how they’ve affected myself and those around me. You see, I’ve read so many posts on several sites, namely TMC, EN24, and the Eve forums, where people are screaming that skill injectors are pay to win, that the brave little newbie is gonna buy a lot of skill injectors and inject the crap out of himself. Suddenly, overnight the little newbie has become the new boogeyman that the crusty old bittervets seem to fear, that there will be an uprising of some sort, and the new guys are going to start “winning” EVE somehow. Id like to take this moment to point out that no one has figured out a way to win EVE yet, short of massive heists and disappearing. Not even Goons have won the game yet, and they’re sitting on their “hard-won” SP that they’ve earned over many years of playing (Kudos to you guys for the time you’ve put into the game).


The truth, in my opinion, is far from this. Remember the old saying “Billions of ISK doesn’t buy you good skills”? In a way, it does now. Billions of ISK will definitely net you tons of new SP to throw around how you see fit. But it doesn’t buy skill. Far from paying to win, many of the guys who have now become SPI junkies are merely paying to lose shiny ships. Sure, they can fly their big ships now, but do they know how to fly it? Have they lost enough small ships that they know the basics of pvp, enough to comfortably upship? I doubt it. If I myself were completely new to Eve, I don’t know what I’d do. It took me awhile to figure out all of Eve. We all know the learning curve is steep. I may not have figured out skill injectors existed at first, and if I had, maybe I’d get some. Looking back, I’d probably tell my newbie self to not do it. Wouldn’t want to be featured on TMC’s ALOD list now would we? Honestly, I’m not sure I ever fitted a really terrible ship in the beginning, since I had a friend along the way giving me pointers. There is one instance where I lost a Talos after a station engagement, and people in the fleet commented afterward, asking me why I would use such a fit, and that I deserved to lose it. Looking back on it, for being fit by a complete newbie who had trained straight to Gallente battlecruisers because I thought the Talos was super sexy (still is), it’s not such a terrible fit. I did mix the guns, but at least it was only single tank and not dual, which is a mistake I see a lot of newbies use.


Now, you’re probably going to point fingers at this point (I don’t know about you, but I like to look up authors of Eve Online articles I read) and say, but Jasek, you’re only somewhere around 8-9 months old, but you have 39m SP! You definitely injected yourself, so how can you preach against it? The answer is simple. I’m not. You want to inject yourself? Go right ahead. I’m just warning you that you may not be ready to fly the ship that you’re injecting yourself for. I’m a different case. Jasek is not my first character. I’ve had many alts, and I’ve flown with the likes of N3, Mordus Angels, and several lowsec pirate entities. I have experience on those alts flying the bigger stuff that I have recently trained with injectors to fly. In fact, my reasons for injecting myself was simply that I was burning out on just flying frigates all the time, and wanted to get back to doing what I’ve done before. Scouting is great, but it’s fun to be part of the meat of a fighting fleet. In fact, a couple fleets ago, I managed to ship into a fully fit Bhaalgorn , survived the battle we fought and made it home after we dunked three dreads. It felt good, and revitalized my attendance within Eve. I was finally doing what I loved: flying GMVA’s big ship fleet doctrines.

So for the average newbro, no, I would not suggest becoming an SPI junkie. Learning to fly first is key. Then inject yourself. But hey, do what you want. Eve is all about that. It’s YOUR world, I’m already flying in mine. To the Eve veterans I would say, chill. the newbros aren’t suddenly gonna win Eve under your nose. In fact, if you’ll quiet down, undock, and go looking, you might find a newbro who cant handle what he’s flying, and get a shiny killmail. I think content is going spike across New Eden due to new players injecting themselves and throwing themselves into the fire, and that is good for Eve in general. On the flip side of the coin, newbros will be able to fleet up with the bigger ships, and that will definitely keep them coming back for more. Losing your ship in the middle of a fleet battle of big ships isn’t as discouraging as losing a big ship to solo combat or a gank, and far from being discouraged, I think newbros will enjoy the rush of getting into the big fleet brawls, even if they lose the ship they just injected themselves for. In my opinion, I think I see a good future for newbie organizations like Brave Newbies, Pandemic Horde and Karma Fleet.

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Jasek Steiner

Jasek Steiner has been all over Eve, seen all the sites, and has killed and been killed in many places. He has recently found a home in Faction Warfare, flying with GMVA fleets to wreak death and destruction upon the enemies of the Federation.

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