As The Eagle Flies – an Eve Online Story, Pt. 1

Iroido Soner

Vlillirier VII- Roden Shipyards

YC 113.11.02


Iroido Soner slapped at the alarm going off next to his bunk, managing only to successfully knock it off his nightstand. Grumbling, he sat up, grabbed it, and turned off the irritating alarm. He sat for a moment, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked at the clock and sighed. 6:30 in the morning. Still too damn early, he thought with a grimace as he stood and walked into the kitchen.

After grabbing a thermos of coffee, and a breakfast bar, he sat down, booted up his terminal, and flipped on the holovid, a Quafe energy drink commercial blaring to life. He turned down the volume and turned back to his terminal. Logging in, he pulled up the Corp and Alliance mails for the day, as well as Requisition Lists and Recruit rosters for the week. A cursory glance over the Recruitment Roster. One new candidate.

Iroido pulled up the man’s bio, checking his employment history and records. Only one corporation was currently listed on the man’s history, the Federal Defense Union. Basically a shell corporation, the Federal Defense Union recruited anyone that wanted to fight for the Gallente Federation, get a paycheck, or otherwise just have a reason to hunt other pilots, with a permit for doing so. Privateers, each and every one of them. Only a bit better than pirates really. Iroido wasn’t complaining though. Some of the newly minted privateers’ zeal in engaging the Caldari enemy more than made up for their lack of experience in the pod of a combat vessel. He made a mental note to contact the candidate later on.

A quick look at his Requisitions List showed a contract up. Delivery made, and ready to be signed off on. He checked the contents of the delivered materials. Looked like about ten each of Atron-Class, Tristan-Class, and the Federation Navy’s signature Comet-Class frigates, plus three Vexor-Class Cruisers and accompanying fits for each of them. He quickly scrawled his signature and hit “Accept”. The station AI would make sure that the signed ships and materials were stored in his hangar.

Pulling up the Corp and Alliance mails, his attention was soon grabbed by a mail that was emblazoned with an “Immediate Attention Required” heading. The mail was from Julianus Soter, the Moira Corporation CEO. Pulling up the mail, he read it quickly. The contents had him more awake than his coffee in moments.

To: Iroido Soner, Niden, Felix De’Viance, Gin Wuncler

From: Julianus Soter

Subject: Brave Newbies Inc- Immediate Attention Required


Hey guys,


So it has come to my attention that the ex-nullsec alliance, Brave Newbies Inc., has left nullsec and are joining with the Caldari Militia. This poses a problem, since Brave Newbies has a huge amount of pilots. They aren’t very skilled pilots, and they generally won’t fly without a Fleet Commander at the helm, but just their numbers alone means that if they really got behind one system and pushed it, we could have a problem on our hands. That said, they’re Brave. The warzone is going to heat up, and there’s going to be a lot more action for our pilots to see. I expect each of you get our pilots out there and show Brave the resolve of Moira’s pilots. Talk to you guys soon!


Julianus Soter,

Moira CEO


            Iroido read it twice, a smile coming to his face. This is EXACTLY what Moira’s pilots needed. A new enemy. Granted, while individually, Moira Corp’s pilots were pretty skilled, Braves numbers could be an issue for the solo pilot. But as a fleet…. Well, this could be fun, he thought to himself, standing and pulling on his clothes.

Standing about 6 feet with a wiry frame, thick facial hair, and sharp features, Soner was an interesting balance between gallentean and amarrian heritage, though had he chosen early in life to give his loyalty to the Federation. He was dressed in gray-blue pants, a decorative, bronze-lined overcoat, and knee-high black boots, one of the more fancifully dressed pilots within the corporation, but there was no dress code. They were Militia, and, as such, had never had regulatory oversight from Command on such things as dress. It was that way for almost every other member of the Militia as well.

Soner stepped into the Moira Corporation control room. Standing around a holotable containing a map of their corner of New Eden was Julianus Soter, Niden, Gin Wuncler, and Felix De’Viance. Julianus looked tired, and if Soner was going to be totally honest, a bit hungover. Nothing new there, he thought. Niden and Gin looked worried, and Felix had a huge shit-eating grin on his face. Well, he thought to himself, if Felix is happy, the news can’t be that bad. Soter was about as tall as Soner, but stockier, and dressed in planet-side military style camo fatigues, black combat boots, and a chest plate, with a spiky high and tight.

Niden flipped her hair, catching his eye. She was standing there, studying the map and readouts, arms crossed, impatiently tapping her foot. She was in her usual attire: a leather jacket over a corset, form-fitting pants, and boots, all as black as her signature Dramiel-Class frigate. With long raven hair, piercings, and tattoos up her arms and across her back, she was reminiscent of the Black Widow spiders that Soner had read about before, and was just as deadly. She had racked up a list of kills taller than he was, and from her stance, it seemed she was ready to add a few more to that list. Guess it really IS good news. He smirked, and brought his attention back to situation at hand.

He stepped up to the table, catching the end of what Soter was saying “-is vulnerable, according to reports from scouts this morning.”

“What’s vulnerable?” Soner asked

Soter looked over at him, managing a small smile, and replied, “Brave vulned Agoze this morning according to our reports, Iroido. We’re being asked to spearhead a force to-“

Soner interrupted him, “Wait a minute, they want us to go for Agoze? Jules, it’s a backwater system, not important in any way except-“

“Except Agoze is a station system,” Niden injected, continuing, “And Federation Command has mandated that we are not to lose a station system voluntarily, no matter how ‘backwater’ the system may be.”

Soner shot a question glance at Soter. “She’s right, ‘Roido,” he confirmed.

Soter looked back at the map. He reached down and tapped the star that represented the system of Agoze, causing the map to shift into a view of the star system.

Soner studied the map with a slightly surprised look. “Looks like they got to work pretty fast. They only joined the Caldari Militia yesterday. Well, any bad things about Brave that I have to say aside, they always did have an amazing work ethic. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have survived in null sec for as long as they did.”

Soter nodded. “That they do. So we have been asked to take the system out of vuln, ASAP. Intelligence says they’re forming a fleet to force the surrender of the Ihub as we speak, and we’ve already seen Brave advance scouts in the neighboring systems, watching for incoming Militia rescue fleets.” Soter looked at Gin. “Gin, I’m giving you command of the main fleet. Ship up or down how you see fit.”

Gin nodded, pulling up three documents on screen. “Alright, well, here’s some stuff I had planned in advance. Intel says they’re using a lot of close-range ships. Merlins, rocket Condors, Atrons, stuff like that. So our first wave in is going to be Cormorant-Class Destroyers. They give us the ability to engage at extreme ranges or point-blank, and have the added ability to readily disengage since stuff has to come to US in order to take us down. From there, we will ship up or down as needed.”

Soter agreed, “Sounds like a solid plan. Felix, I need you to take a wing of our best frigate pilots and clear out their early-warning net. Niden, that means you too. You’re the best Dramiel pilot we have. I need you with Felix taking down the Brave Scouts, so that Gin’s fleet can get through with as little advance warning to Brave as possible, understood?”

“Understood,” they both intoned simultaneously.

“Soner, join Gin. You work well together. See if you can get some of the other corps to lend us some pilots, the more the better. Today we’re going to damage their pride. We’re going to pull Agoze right out from under them, and smash their fleet to pieces,” Soter paused, looking at each of them slowly, “And then, we’re going to destroy them.”

Soner was suddenly very glad he wasn’t Brave.

Jasek Steiner

Aldranette, Novice Military Complex

YC 113.11.02

          The Imperial Navy Slicer spun and dove downward away from the pursuing Kestrel, attempting to keep range between them. Focused scarlet Radio beams lashed out, flaring brightly against the Kestrel as the small Caldari frigates shields failed, the remainder of the beam carving molten trails across its hull.

Inside the Slicer, in a pod of amniotic fluid, his body connected to the ships systems via implant sockets in his back, Jasek Steiner smiled as the Kestrel banked away, trying to put some distance between it and the Slicer to try and escape. Not today. Jasek pulled the Slicer into a tight turn, relaying command by thought for his warp disruptor system to overheat, adding a bit more range to it in order to forcibly keep the Kestrel in the fight.

Turns out it was unneeded.

Still mid-turn, the Slicer lashed out again at the Kestrel, the long range beams searing through one of the Kestrels outstretched wings, slicing it neatly off, the piece of ship spinning away, smoke pouring out of the doomed ship. Jasek frowned. Damn, I missed, he thought.

As his Slicer straightened out towards its enemy, it met a flight of the of the Kestrels missiles head on. Having weak shield systems, they failed, his shields evaporating in a shower of blue particles, some of the missiles pounding holes into the Slicer’s armor. Jasek sent out a thought, and nanobots began filling the holes with Nanite Paste, which hardened into new armor almost instantly. But now Jasek was lined up with his target. He took just a second to make sure the shot was optimal.

Fire. The mental command relayed to his turrets, and scarlet beams snaked out, colliding with the middle of the unfortunate pilot’s ship. The beams melted metal, punched through hull, and found the Kestrel’s Warp Drive.

The Kestrel disappeared in a blaze of fire and twisted metal, the pod instantly ejecting from the warship and warping off field before Jasek could target lock that too.

One less warship in the Caldari Militia’s arsenal, he thought, a feeling of pride swelling up in his chest. A ping in his mind alerted him to an incoming message. A flick of his mind and the message popped up.

From: Gin Wuncler

To: Moira

Attention All!

Class A alert. All pilots report back to HQ for immediate fleet operations.

Jasek pulled his slicer into a gradual curve, putting his ship into alignment with the Vlillirier gate. Seconds later, his warped drive kicked in, and his ship was surrounded by a shimmering warp bubble and sucked into a ship-made wormhole, hurtling through the Aldranette system. As he reached the end of his warp, the wormhole ended and his warp bubble collapsed, depositing his ship in front of the Vlillirier Stargate. Transmitting his desire to use the gate, traffic control gave him the green light. The gate sparked to life, a huge wormhole opening between the gate posts, once again pulling his Slicer into warp.

Once he was safely out of warp within the Vlillirier star system, he brought his ship home to the Vlillirier VII station, owned by Roden Shipyards, where station authorities used tractor beams to pull his ship safely into his personal docking ring. Mechanical hands pulled his pod out of the Slicer, depositing it in a sealed room, where the pod opened up, amniotic fluid draining out of it. Jasek stepped out and grabbed the nearest towel, drying himself off, taking special care to make sure nothing remained on his mechanical right arm. Jasek was about five-eight, muscular, with close cut hair and trimmed facial hair. His right arm was mechanical, having lost it months back to a station raid where, in an attempt to catch a ranking Caldari official, he had taken a bullet to his shoulder. He’d had to have it amputated, and had eventually grown fond of the cybernetic arm, making sure to have every one of his clones also installed with one. It wasn’t a setback, as he found that his reactions with his cybernetic arm were faster, and that suited him just fine.

He pulled on his clothes: a black top, camo pants, black combat boots, and headed to the Pilot’s Hall, where everyone gathered for operational meetings. On his way, he met Andre Grey. About Jasek’s height, Andre looked like he might have been of Minmatar heritage. He stood out in a crowd due to his platinum blonde hair, and Jasek was pretty sure the guy could cut metal with that chin of his.

As they walked down the corrido, Jasek asked, “Any idea what’s going on?”

“None,” the man replied, “You know as much as I do.” Jasek nodded. He was thinking about that when a loud voice with a thick Irish accent, tinged with a bit of drink, came from behind Jasek.


Jasek turned, a grin coming to his face. “Hey Daeghun! How’s Moira’s resident drunk Irishman today?”

“Im good so far! Killed a bastard Atron belonging to some guys callin themselves The Knights Radiant.”

“Oh? You actually killed something solo?” Jasek couldn’t resist ribbing Daeghun a bit.

“Mock me all you want, Jasek, but I could take you any day.”

“If by take me, you mean take me out and buy me a drink, feel free anytime my friend,” Jasek shot back as he opened the conference room door.

The conference hall was filled with pilots from Moira, and more than a couple from other corporations as well. Gin Wuncler was standing at the head of the conference room, a holoboard behind him showing all kinds of data on the operation at hand. Jasek lifted his pad and linked it with the holoboard, downloading all the information he was cleared to have, and began reviewing it.

He was stunned. “Agoze vulned? An assault to reclaim it? But… Brave just joined Calmil yesterday! Holy hell, they’re not holding back…” His attention was brought back as Gin’s voice rang out across the conference hall.

“Galmil pilots! Listen up! About an hour ago, Agoze’s Ihub was vulned. Our Intelligence says that Brave is forming a fleet now to siege it and force its surrender, if they haven’t already. We have already sent out an advance party under Niden to try and clear out their scout network as best we can.

“Fleet composition is going to be Cormorants with a light tackle wing. When not helping us pin down targets, our light tackle is going to skirmish with Brave over the Novice Complexes. We will up-ship or down-ship as needed during the engagement. Expect interference from other Calmil corps, most likely The Bloc, and from third parties, such as Snuffbox and Sniggwaffe.

“The initial stage of this assault is a smash and grab. Our cormorants will hit the Ihub and clear out the squids, while frigates will begin capturing complexes to bring the system out of vulnerability. Once we bring it out of vuln, we’re expecting reinforcements from Justified Chaos as well as Blackfox Marauders, to help us start bringing the system back under control. So get your ships ready. We undock at 2000. Dismissed!”


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