Update 1

Hey everyone. I know its been awhile since my last post. Work has kept me ridiculously busy, and my hours just increased, which isnt a big plus, when youre paid salary, but it is what it is. So I thought id take this moment to sit down and let you guys know what Im working on.

By the end of the month, Ill be posting Chapter 2 of “As The Eagle Flies” as well as maybe one or two more opinion-based and/or battle-report articles. I stumbled on a writers block of sorts while writing chapter 2, I find it somewhat hard to describe fleet combat in an Eve scenario. Solo combat is good, but trying to nail the chaos and wonder of a big fleet battle is somewhat difficult, especially tackling it from a player perspective instead from a fictitional Eve viewpoint. But I digress.

I dont make any money from my articles, this being a starting blog, and I have no ads, nor do I reach out for donations. So Im sending some of my articles in to Crossing-Zebras so that I can at least get something out of writing, besides that good feeling of a job well done. Feelings dont pay, and you might as well get paid for what you enjoy doing, am I right?

Id like to branch out into eve news articles, but the hours of my job, plus the time I spend in fleets, I dont see much of what goes on outside of Black Rise. Alot of the good scoops are also already covered by CZ, TMC, etc. So I think Ill be concentrating on my day to day eve experiences, which will give you guys a good laugh, because im a terrible solo pvp’er and also give me something to look back on and see how Ive grown as a pilot in New Eden.

Thank you all again for following my blog and I hope you enjoy the future content. Fly dangerously, pilots. o7